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Sanum Per Aquam

The main objective of this project is to develop the information infrastructure of this Institute in the field of hydrogen-rich water available in different parts of the World, and to provide free access of that data for everyone interested in health improvement issues based on that water.

This project includes physical, chemical, biological and human assessments in order to identify the most valuable drinking and therapeutic water sources, including the sources known as "healing water" or "miracle springs" or "fountain of youth", etc.

The water sources shall be later classified based on their positive influence on the health condition of the human body,
in accordance to local authporities and local consumers opinions and testimonies.

Water sources shall be then classified according to their suitability for consumption and therapeutic purposes, providing, that a key indicator of such determination is oxidation-reduction potential value, which we do believe is the most trusted evaluation, since it can be scientifically proved.

Somehow, other water propertis such its memory, molecular structure, density or crystal formin ability will also be considered for development of final conclusion.

Specific aims of this project are to:
1 - develop web based "metadata" catalog of known and accessible water sources such as:
     a/ drinking waters sources with oxidation-reduction potential below 0 mV (negative)
     c/ therapeutic water sources (including thermal water) with negative ORP
     d/ natural sources of hydrogen-rich water
2 - design information system for data sharing to reach health institutions and individuals worldwide

The initial phase of the project:

Localization of all available natural water sources known as "miracle", "healing" or therapeutic, by accessing all sources of information available.

The second phase of the project:

1 - physical localization of water sources known as: "miracles"or "healing" in every country of the globe and evaluation of them with regards of oxidation or reduction properties along with presence of active hydrogen.

2 - physical localization of all known warm, thermal, hot or simply natural springs and groundwater
sources used for therapeutic  or semi-therapeutic purposes, and evaluation of their properties based on redox value as a key indicator for their effectivenes along with measuring the presence of active hydrogen

3 - collecting and recording all the available information with regards to the natural or "special" purposes of the above mentioned water sources, from local authorities and individuals.

4 - double testing of waters sources already discovered and officially announced as "hydrogen-rich water"
in order to confirm or deny the officially announced info.

The third phase of the project:

3 - developing of web based "metadata" catalogue containing all the above obtained information for scientific, educational and practical purposes

The PROJECT is still in initial phase, however the second phase is already being conducted in some European Union countries.

We will accept help from anyone interested  and capable of working with any of the above project.
Please contact us if you think you can be helpful in any manner.

We will appreciate any information, which may help to work with this project more effectively.- please contact:   

Natural sources of hydrogen-rich water for direct consumption
natural - ground - mineral water
Trencianske Teplice - Slovakia - European Union
0.89 ppm
July 2007
natural - precambrian water
Jelenia Struga Medical SPA - Kowary, Poland - EU
April 2008
Natural sources of hydrogen-rich water for therapeutic purposes
natural - ground - mineral water
Horyniec - Poland
1.17 ppm
August 2007
natural ground mineral water
Krakow Swoszowice, Poland
- 351
September 2008

200 mV is recognized as zero point between oxidation and reduction. Water sources with ORP above 200mV are recognized as having oxidative properties
and below 200mV are recognized as having anti-oxidative properties. Hydrogen-rich water sources have H-H2 value (ppm) indicated in the table.

Please contact our european partner Mr Olek Polanski at +48 511 073