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The main objective of this project is to discover the natural water source or develop the technology to improve or even produce the water for human consumption or therapeutic purposes, which would have the most desirable influence on human body with regards to most optimal health conditions aiming at longevity effect on the people.

i This project includes physical, chemical, biological and human assessments in order to discover or identify then evaluate the most valuable drinking and therapeutic water sources, including the sources known as "healing water", to be used for direct application or for further improvement to develop water Aqua Nova - the most compatible water for human.

We do strongly believe, that there is a chance to get back the water so called :water of life", which was available long, long time ago, when humanity was created.

Yes, it is true, that we, the people, have destroyed the purity of water and its healing ability. In matter of fact, most of us is still doing this but some of us have already recognized that it must be stoped. Because practically it is almost impossible, we want to develop Aqua Nova - new water which will let us live healthier and longer.


Specific aims of this project are to:
1 - collect and record information of natuarl  and available water sources such as:
                        a/ drinking waters sources with oxidation-reduction potential ranging from  200mV and up 
                        b/ drinking waters sources with oxidation-reduction potential  ranging from 200mV and below,
                        c/ therapeutic water sources (including thermal water) with  ORP below 200 mV
2- collect and record information of the other possible sources of water applicable to the main objective of the project

3 - design information system for data sharing to reach academia, government's agencies, health institutions and individuals for scientific or clinical trials or tests
      performance with regards to influence of selected water on human health and longevity

The initial phase includes:

1 - physical localization of all, well known drinking water sources used to supply water for public
2 - physical localization of all known warm, thermal, hot or simply natural springs and groundwater sources used for therapeutic or semi-therapeutic purposes
3 - developing of web based "metadata" catalog of the above for informational purposes and further research

The second phase of the project:

1 - evaluation of the above mentioned water sources with regards of ORP value and active hydrogen presence, along with other physical and chemical properties
      with regards to the practical application to the project
2 - preparing official recommendation for most valuable sources meeting the main principles of the project and recommended for further applications
2 - develop informational database for benefits of all interested in main objective of the project

The third phase of the project:

1 - localization and identification of the proper solution for practical application of recommended water source to finalize the project by development of AquaNova technology
2 - practical application and clinical evaluation of the AquaNova water

The fourth phase of the project:

1 - promotion and marketing of AquaNova water


As a result of this project, dr Jan Pokrywka of Longevity Academy in Klodzko, Poland, has developed first, practical version of AquaNova technology. Red-Ox drinking water is being produced for experimental purposes already. The madical tests are conducted by dr Pokrywka.
Because of the location of production facility, all present materials regarding the Red-Ox water are in Polish language - see website:


We will appreciate any information, which may help to work with this project effectively.

.Whoever is interested in practical use of our AquaNova technology, please contact:    +48 570 51 02 04

Please contact our european partner Mr Olek Polansk48 511 073