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The main objective of this project is to create the water to be able to heal people in the meaning of restoring their natural selfhealing's abilities.

In the era of uncontrolled spread of the diseases of civilization, especially cancers, controlled by "powerlessness" of academic medicine, manipulation of the media and fake scientific research, there is an urgent need to increase people's awareness of that divine gift. However, because of total manipulation and brainwashing, it is hard to do it within the short period of time.

Therefore, we have decided to use ancient wisdom and nature's power to implement healing information to drinking water, based on research of dr Masaru Emoto of Japan.

Searching reference point for this project, the most appropriate people who can help us in this topic were Tibetan monks.

This project was initiated in August 2012 after presentation of hydrogen-rich water in Wilga.
Specific aims of this project are to:
- create the healing water based on ancient wisdom and late scientific discoveries
- make it available for worldwide community suffering civilisation's diseases

The initial phase shall include:

1 - physical localization of well known drinking water source with extraordinary propertis and quality
2 - locate and acquire willing to cooperate a Tibetan monk

The second phase of the project:

1 - evaluation of the above mentioned water sources with regards of ORP value and active hydrogen presence, along with other physical and chemical properties to be compatible with project's expectation
2 - implementation of Tibetan wisdom into the water source based on original ancient rituals and ceremonies
3 - preparing official documentation to legalize the project based on the water source and participants
4 - developing the technical side of the project including the technology of collection and bottling water

The third phase of the project:

1 - official ceremony of blessing the water source, giving it a name and enter the healing information
2 - developing a marketing strategy, information and promotional materials
2 - practical application and testing of water quality and effectivenes

The fourth phase of the project:

1 - promotion and marketing of Tibetan Healing water

The project is presently active. The laste stage of the project is presently performed on territory of European Union


Ting Nam description of tibetan healing water according to the original concept of Tibetan Bon lama Chongtul Rinpoche, spoken for a first time when drinking water from Jelenia Struga. It happend during the Sangye Manhla practice in Warsaw, on May of 2012.

Ting Nam water are drinking lamas and student-monks of the Bon tradition in the monasteries of Tibet and is seen as a life-giving and healing nectar of life.

Such spontaneous determination of water from Jelenia Struga by Chongtul Rinpoche as Ting Nam, proves its extraordinary qualities in terms of its impact on the energetic harmony of the people, what is seen, not only in the Tibetan Bon tradition, as healing in the broadest sense .

The occurrence of this situation during the healing practice Sangye Menla, makes a direct connection of this water with Tibetan healing power, which ultimately makes it an indispensable attribute of holistic health of the people.

Chongtul Rinpoche's interest in water from Jelenia Struga, regionally called Potencjalka, was continued and a year later, he was invited to Jelenia Struga Medical SPA, where the water source is located. As the charm of the valley of Jelenia Struga delights and bewilders visitors who see this place for the first time, so Master Chongtul loved this place almost immediately and over the next days of stay savored the perfectly clean air with the aroma of spruce, naturally healing the body and soothing the mind and the soul of the ambient atmosphere.

Daily meditation of the Master, had already made the natural power of healing energy of this place raised to a higher level of vibration, which has today an extremely positive effect on the health of all, without exception, guests of Jelenia Struga Medical SPA.
Healing mantra, constantly pulsate in the environment, thanks to initiated by the Master Chongtul Rinpoche energetic continuum of spiritual transmission.

When the time of accumulation of Tibetan healing mantras' energy, launched in 2013, elapsed, Chongtul Rinpoche decided it was time to launch a natural emanation of the healing energy of this place for all living beings, by blessing the Precambrian source of the ground water.

Precambrian gneisses under the massif of the Giant Mountains conceal the extraordinary treasure - that water were formed almost 2 billion years ago at a depth of 700m is characterized by pristine purity, optimal for human health mineral composition, harmoniously ordered molecular structure providing not only the ability to freely penetrate cell membranes but also about the possibility of storing information and transferring it to the subatomic level of the cells, which is directly connected with starting the self-healing power of the human body. Additionally, what makes this water extraordinary in terms of health-related value for human, it is a unique, low redox potential level. It makes this water totally compatible with body fluids and therefore is not ruining the antioxidative properties of the aquatic environment of the human body.

However, the highest health value to this water was offered by a lama of the Tibetan Bon tradition, His Eminence Chongtul Rinpoche. The official Blessing Ceremony of the original water source called Zdroj Jelenia Struga by Chongtula Rinpoche, in accordance with Tibetan Bon tradition, was held on 9th May 2015, in the presence of representatives of local administrative authorities, local community and visitors and guests of Jelenia Struga Medical SPA.

From that moment, Zdroj Jelenia Struga - the source of this unique water having its origin in the created by nature two billion years ago Precambrian gneisses, radiates healing energy to the environment, and the water from it flowing out, has the power to heal any anomalies negativelly affecting the human energetic structure because of unnaturally progressive civilization.


The water from Zdroj Jelenia Struga during the dedicated ceremony received the Tibetan name: Ting Nam. This means that it is a carrier of the enduring, healing energy created by the power of the Chongtul Rinpoche's mind, which in the form of information is stored at the molecular level of the water.

This information, when arriving to the subatomic level of body cells, help all people of good will, having authentic and true intention of self-healing, in reaching the broad health, and achieving a harmonious energetic homeostasis.
This applies to all health anomalies of the human body known as lifestyle diseases, including cancer.


Healing, in any event, it takes place spontaneously based on the natural power of the human body obtained from the God. This is because the God created the universe in which, no doubt, man is an integral part of it. This creation is based on the harmony and the perfect symbiosis of energy, that can be compared to the love and probably love - in the broad sense - is.

Harmony is nothing but the energy balance between the two (at least) totally different elements or factors really attracting or affecting each other on the platform of their attractiveness. These elements are usually not connecting with each other but depend on each other. However, in case they will connect each other, they are usually forming new energetic entity, mostly with different properties, that each element. With regard to human, perseverance in this harmony in accordance with the principles of divine laws, it is nothing else, but widely understood our health.

Water, it is mainly divine creation of the most harmonious element in the Universe. Hydrogen and oxygen in their perfect energetic symbiosis makes the water, which is life-giving force and still unknown phenomenon in our World. The human body it is mainly the water and as proven by science, it is a carrier of information in the broadest sense of this word. Dr Masaru Emoto has proven scientifically, that water has ability to store information. In matter of fact, it can store bilions time more information then all known devices discovered and used already. But thee most important is, that water can record not only spoken words, but also human thoughts, intentions, feelings, emotions - that's why the water can be blessed to transfer the blessing to the cellular level of the human body for healing purposes. It is of course inexplicable from a scientific point of view, but genuinely present in all cultures of the world, especially those at a higher level of consciousness and wisdom.

Regardless of powerful Tibetan healing mantra stored in Ting Nam water thanks to the Rinpoche's blessing, pure intention from your heart, not disturbed by any negative emotions, visualized while drinking this water, will always intensifie the effect of healing.

The healing effect of Ting Nam water from Zdroj Jelenia Struga is noticeable and perceptible at the level of body, mind and soul in a different way by every human being and in different periods of time. It depends on the severity of the disease or degeneration of the energy structure of the body caused by disease and the authenticity and power of patient engagement in health, at all levels of existence, especially at the level of the mind.

So drink this water and be healed!

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