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   The service is dedicated to serve the clients involved in management of water sources used either for human consumption or therapeutic purposes and the water they use, have strong oxidative properties.
   Using the latest technology, we do offer solutions , the water's Redox value is being decreased and oxidative properties totally eliminated, resulting in hydrogen-rich water with excelent anti-oxidative properties.

   To apply for this program you must have at least ORP Pre-Testing completed, so it is determined what kind of redox potential your water have.

When we will receive your application for that program, we will send our expert to you for physical assesment of your water source to determine the best deoxidation technology and installation option, along with estimation of program's cost.

At that stage it cost you nothing but we will ask you to accommodate our expert for the time needed to prepare his estimate report, which will be discussed to finalize the deal.

If there will be positive conclusion of such discussion, we will work with you to have installation and service agreement signed and executed.

 There is few options of water deoxidation depending on water sources accessibility and quantity, mineral and ORP values, daily quantity needed and of course the final destination of the water or the purpose of deoxidation.

Different technology option may apply in every case. It is important to have proper estimation completed. Such estimation will allowe you to decide if you want more technical technology or more natural or both, to apply in your case.

The either technology is not cheap, so you must be prepared for real investment - European Union funds may be available in some cases!

The best thing to do is to find out what kind of water you really have! Please contact us if you feel that any service offered above apply to you.
We are capable to make a miracle of every water - your water too!

Please contact us to schedule an appointment. In Europe call: +48 570 51 02 04 (English) or +48 791 917 814 (Polski)

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