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This project includes physical, chemical, biological and human assessments in order to identify the most valuable drinking and therapeutic water sources, including the sources known as "healing water".
Multidisciplinary teams comprised of faculty staff and water quality experts have been formed to address each priority area reported by our external partners collecting information from around the World.

Services area: WORLDWIDE  

     Even if drinking water is loaded with minerals, pure and free of any harmful elements or toxins, the most important factor on which depends our vitality is Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) value, called also Redox.
    In the situation when more and more "customers" is looking and asking for hydrogen-rich water with ORP ranging between 0 and -200mV , the water industry, producers of drinking water, SPA owners and Mineral or Thermal Springs managements must be prepared to have their water evaluated, to show its Redox value. This kind of water will be the great business demand for next half a century! Why?
    According to the latest scientific news, mostly from Japan - it is all because of free radicals! The main cause of premature aging and most of known diseases including cancer. A particularly destructive aspect of oxidative stress is the exscessive production of reactive oxygen species, which include free radicals and peroxides. Is there a way to decrease their harmful activity? Yes of course, but we need antioxidants - telling scientifically, we do need an electrons donor because free radicals must have them to deactivate.

The nature have them a lot, but we don't use them. Instead, we do prefer simple and fast acting (as they say) antioxidant's industry solutions available everywhere. Every producer of miracle antioxidant says that its product is the best of course!
.....The truth, based on scientific evidence is, that HYDROGEN is the MOST EFFECTIVE antioxidant on earth. It is called FUEL of LIFE.
Well, it is unusual to breath hydrogen gas from a tank (however it is possible) but the nature solved that problem and made hydrogen-rich water, which is available in some places on the globe. There are also some minerals which produces hydrogen in water, making the water rich in this element. Such water sources are most valuable for human health!

The recognition, prestige and business value of your institution, products and services will get new dimension,
when you will have your water, on which your business depends, evaluated, and proper certificate displayed in your office !

In addition, your name and water properties used for consumption or therapeutic purposes will be listed in our website, and later in our World Journal..

Who needs such important recognition and award?

1. A producer of bottled water for human consumption

3. Mineral or Thermal Springs management (owner)

3. SPA owner using water for therapy

4. Balneotherapy facilities


You can have our technician to pre-test your water source, or you can simply do it by yourself.

Please get ORP meter (tester/monitor) available on the market, and check your water's redox potential.

The result, along with photo showing the meter reading, send to our office at Please include all possible information:

- your company name and name of person to contact

- exact (address) physical location of water source and production facility

- description of purpose the water is used

- description of water source (natural spring, underground, lake, river, etc.

We will send you response with our comments, so you will
know what to do next.

    It takes 3-6 days to complete evaluation and issue a report along with " Water Evaluation Certificate".

    Research and testing is conducted in the water source or if it is impossible, our representative must have access to the water source.

    For the proper accuracy, tests are conducted:
1. in the original water source,
2. secondary (if any) water source,
3. during the production or processing
4. storage
5. distributor's place
6. retailer's place or services facility

    Institute's expert uses our own testing instruments and research or measurement methods. The convertion into the local values are made if demanded by customer.

    Testing is made with necessary time intervals and include:   
                 a/ oxidation-reduction potential value
                 b/ acidity-alkalinity value
                 c/ active hydrogen presence in the water
                 d/ TDS value
                 e/ water source efficiency (if any)

Total cost evaluation is $ 1250.00 + $ 750.00 Certificate

For those, who would like to have antioxidant water offered for their customers, we do provide water deoxidation technology.
It is necessary to have ORP water pre-evaluation test before applying for any deoxidation process offered by our Institute.
It may be also required to purify the water before deoxidation processing procedure.

Please submit your application