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The main objective of this project is to restore the real meaning of ancient "Sanum Per Aquam" tradition and establish International Association of Welness Centers under the name of Genuine SPA Association International, which would be the organization of certified Genuine SPA facilities around the World.
For last several years we observe a total impoverishment of Sanum Per Aquam tradition.The vast majority of SPAs do not satisfy the basic condition for which they have been formed - the water therapy. Many welness centers which have adopted the name of the SPA, have nothing to do with the tradition of Sanum Per Aquam. It has to be changed.

The water, which is the basic principle of Sanum Per Aquam tradition, should be the main factor determining clasification of Welness Center as Genuine SPA. Such water should have healing properties, what means, it should be hydrogen-rich, have hexagonal molecular structure and be alive. The majority of SPA's treatments should be based on that kind of water.

This project includes all necessary assessments in order to identify and evaluate the existing Welness Centers called SPA,
for clasification based on their activity, considering use of proper water.

Specific aims of this project are to:

1 - collect and record as much information as possible regarding the worldwide Welness Centers operating under the name of SPA or using
this abbreviation for marketing purposes                   2- collect and record information regarding their activity and offered services

3 - design information system for data sharing, especially regarding the services classified as Sanum Per Aquam related, in the form of online catalogue to
     reach customers worldwide

The initial phase includes:

1 - physical localization of all, well known Welness Centers using the name of SPA
2 - physical localization of all known warm, thermal, hot or simply natural springs and groundwater sources used for therapeutic or
     semi-therapeutic purposes and connected with them Welness Centers using the name of SPA
3 - developing of web based "metadata" catalog of the above for informational purposes and further research

The second phase of the project:

1 - evaluation of the above mentioned Welness Centers based on their services offered, especially the properties of water used for services rendered
     focusing on the Redox potential of that water

2 - preparing official recommendation for all welness centers interested in improvement of their water sources especially with regards to Redox value

3 - preparing business proposals for all Welness Centers interested in improvement of their services based on Sanum Per Aquam tradition

The third phase of the project:

1 - practical application of Sanum Per Aquam program for selected Welness centers to apply for certification program

The project is presently active and performed on territory of European Union

We will appreciate any information, which may help to work with this project effectively.

.Whoever is interested in practical use of our AquaNova technology, please contact:    +48 570 51 02 04